• Client Motion Array
  • Year 2014 - 2016
  • Services Branding, Web App Design & Build
  • Visit motionarray.com

Our brief from Motion Array was to completely re-design their brand identity and web application.

We started working with the team from Georgia in 2014, since then the platform has grown from around 5,000 to 50,000 users.

Over 4,500 digital products

When we started the project there was only a few hundred downloadable products on the site, and as the company grew we needed to ensure that the platform was scalable and could handle thousands more.

We built the platform on the Laravel framework and integrated a custom back-end to easily manage thousands of products and users.

Logo & Branding

Our first task with Motion Array was to re-design their company logo and create a branding guidelines. We customised the Belinda typeface for the logotype and created a bright, friendly colour palette.

For the typography we're using Freight Sans Pro, it's a font family with various options that make it really easy to read at various sizes and weights.

A powerful subscription model

We built a complex subscription model that allowed users to sign up and purchase from a set number of plans, each plan came with a number of credits, which then limited the number of downloads a customer could make each month.

All payments were processed by Stripe and was seamlessly integrated into the Laravel back-end.

Technology we used

Since launch we've built upon Motion Array to include functionality such as a third party producer upload system with an admin approval system for managing uploads. Alongside this we built in statistics for both Motion Array and the producers, along with a simple payout process that calculates royalties and will pay all producers within minutes.

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