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  • Year 2014
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It all started from a blog post

In November 2013, Dan gave a talk to his local college and as part of that, created a list of a few of the books, apps and websites he had saved in his bookmarks that he thought would be a great resource guide for the students. Luckily Dan wrote the list on Medium and made it public. The post was named “Resources” and at the time had just over 80 items.

Over the next few months the list grew and grew, and in April 2014 over 230 resources had been added. Some discovered by Dan but most were contributed by people via Medium or Twitter.

The post became incredibly popular and at the time of writing, has had over 170,000 visits and over 1,700 recommendations. It was clear that this was something that people valued and wanted to be a part of, and more importantly contribute to.

We decided that the idea of people contributing to a list of resources deserved more and decided to create a web app. (Our first at the time)!

We set ourselves a target of 2 weeks and came up with the name oozled, and worked on an MVP. After a lot of hard work (and coffee fuelled evenings) 2 weeks later, oozled was born!

What we did

Creating a brand

With a tight deadline we needed to create something fast but striking for the oozled brand. We found the font Kari Pro, which immediately grabbed us with it’s friendliness and calligraphic style.

We wanted a bold colour palette that was recognisable and striking. Vivid, contrasting colours were used to engage and excite the user. We contrasted the bold colour palette and playful logo with a beautifully simple typeface, Effra.

We worked with our friends at Motion Array to create a motion graphic that we can use on any video media we create.

What we did

All your content, at your fingertips

We ensured from the start that oozled was built mobile-first, we knew that if we were to build this quickly and get it in-front of people we needed to have as fewer pain points as possible for them.

A great mobile experience was key since our marketing would be done mostly via Twitter and Medium, two very mobile-centric platforms.

Making it personal

We decided from the start that oozled needed to allow people to curate their own feeds. We built a way that allows users to subscribe to categories and have new items from those categories automatically added to their feed.

We also built in auto-generated RSS feeds so that you can subscribe to your own or others feeds via your favourite RSS reader.

Press & Features

  • Wdd
  • Typekit
  • Product Hunt
  • Zurb
  • Noupe
  • Pencil Vs Pixel

We’ve been growing oozled since launch and at the time of writing there’s over 7,000 registered users and over 800 resources. We’ve iterated on the site over time, improving the user experience and building in features such a search and filtering.

We’ve been lucky enough to have been featured on several blogs and the site continues to grow. We’re now planning the next steps for oozled which will see it grow into the ultimate “go-to” for web designers & developers.

We’ve learned a lot from designing and building oozled in such a short space of time and we’re excited to see how it will evolve over time.

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