• Client Photographic Museum of Humanity
  • Year 2015
  • Services Branding, Web App Design & Build
  • Visit phmuseum.com

Our brief was to completely re-design and build the existing social network with a new focus. With a blank canvas we were able to re-think the entire interface, giving clarity to what was once a jagged experience.

The core focus was to allow photographers to share their stories and connect with publishers, giving undiscovered and award-winning photographers alike the chance to be published in some of the world's most prestigious online and offline magazines.

What we did

Designing a scalable social network

It was vital that we not only created a beautiful mobile to desktop experience, but that we also designed for scale. The network already had over 20,000 users and everything we touched needed to account for rapid growth and potentially thousands of new stories being created.

What we did

Building a pattern library

With a platform like PHmuseum we needed to be able to build out layouts easily and quickly. Creating a pattern library of common elements allowed us to do this and ensure consistency across the platform.

We also extended the branding and created a guide that will be used for all assets going forward.

Discover and purchase the best visual stories on the market

PHmuseum offers a service unlike any other on the market, the ability to create stories to share with your followers and have curated editors from leading publishers make offers directly on the platform. To do this we built a system, powered by Stripe that allows photographers to accept payments from anyone in the world without ever having to leave the platform.

We designed a beautiful experience that makes the whole process incredibly easy to manage, along with an internal messaging and notification system to enable discussion between members.

Technology we used

We stand upon the shoulders of giants with the technology behind the site, utilizing tools such as Algolia to deliver instant search results and imgIX to deliver images rapidly and intelligently. The whole system is built on the Laravel platform and we've created a way to allow PHmuseum to manage all the content for the marketing site via Craft.

PHmuseum is an ever evolving platform, and as the user base grows and feedback is gathered we are continuously iterating upon and building the next set of features. A roadmap has been created to ensure we are on track and have a clear direction for the forthcoming months.

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