Hello! Havoc Inspired is now No Divide.

In November 2014 I joined with Dan Edwards to form a new agency, No Divide. Dan and I have worked on numerous projects together over the last couple of years and built oozled, a popular resource library for designers and developers. To see more of our work together please check out our portfolio.

As the complexity of work that I've been doing over the last few years has grown, the need to put together teams of professionals to work on various aspects of a project has increased as well. Forming No Divide allows me to offer a wider range of services, including design, content strategy and consultancy along with my primary focus of front and back-end development, in-house. We're already very excited to have Lucie De Lacy, our Content Producer, on the team and we have plans to grow further over the coming year.

You can still hire me for development services, that hasn't changed. Just drop me an email via the get in touch page.

If you have any questions for me personally, please send an email to ryan@nodividestudio.com

I look forward to seeing what we build together.

Ryan Taylor

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