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In November 2013, Dan started compiling a list of a few of the books, apps and websites that he had saved in his bookmarks. He decided to publish the list on Medium, thinking it may help others. At the time this list had just over 80 items.

The list quickly grew to 200+ resources within 30 days, most of these coming from community driven suggestions. There was clearly a need for more than just a list on a blog and decided to create a web app. (Our first at the time)!

We set ourselves a target of 2 weeks and came up with the name oozled, and worked on an MVP. After a lot of hard work (and coffee fuelled evenings) 2 weeks later, oozled was born!

From a simple blog post to a community of over 7,000 users and 800+ resources. oozled is proof of what can be done with limited resources if a simple idea is executed well.

We’ve been growing oozled since launch and at the time of writing there’s over 7,000 registered users and over 800 resources. We’ve iterated on the site over time, improving the user experience and building in features such a search and filtering.

We’ve been lucky enough to have been featured on several blogs and the site continues to grow. We’re now planning the next steps for oozled which will see it grow into the ultimate “go-to” for web designers & developers.

We’ve learned a lot from designing and building oozled in such a short space of time and we’re excited to see how it will evolve over time.

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