Re-building the largest online bass tuition platform with Scott Devine

We’ve been working with Scott and his team to completely overhaul his online bass tuition platform, starting in 2016, we focussed on making all aspects of the platform easier to use, both from a user point of view and the team working behind the scenes.

There were two big tasks ahead of us when we started work wth Scott. Since the initial launch of Scott’s Bass Lessons the platform both the content and user base grew to a point where finding new content was getting harder and managing users was time consuming.

Working together we produced wireframes and prototypes that would allow us to try out new ideas and improve discoverability of content, we also implemented a new course structure that would keep track of a students progress throughout, allowing them to easily come back and continue where they left off.

The previous site was a clunky WordPress set-up with a jungle of plugins to try and navigate and keep up-to-date, no set structure for content types which led to inconsistencies within lessons and articles. Using Craft as our CMS of choice we've been able to set-up templates that are easy to customise but ensure complete consistency throughout all the content produced.

We were also tasked with streamlining the subscription process, the platform was previously using Paypal and had to work with their API and relying on a clunky system meant that once users had signed up the SBL team were unable to decipher who had signed up to what plan, see any potential sign up issues and resulted in lots of manual work. We built a new Stripe-backed system along with improved processes that allows the team to keep a complete track of their sign-ups and catch any issues as soon as they arose.

We've been able to deliver a rock-solid platform that is now fully scalable and will continue to work with Scott and his team to ensure they remain as one of the world's leading online bass tuition resources.

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